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Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Update may have leaked art gallery and coffee shop

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum is beautiful, but it's missing an art section. If some gossip from an in-game animal neighbor is to be believed, that could change soon.

Twitter user @sylvidia shared a video of their villager engaged in conversation with Fang, the cranky wolf with the bedroom eyes and much love for holiday sweaters. Their dialogue seems to directly reference something that isn't in the game yet."Can't say I know much about art… But I like that there's some in the museum here for me to gawk at," Fang says. "I just kinda stand there for a bit starin' at each piece, tryin' to look real thoughtful-like, cha-chomp."

According to some reports, a few of the game’s villagers are dropping hints at some possible new additions to the game. The first of these is the Art Gallery (and art seller Redd), a staple of the previous games that is mysteriously absent in New Horizons. As seen in the clip below, villagers sometimes talk about viewing art at the Museum, even though there is no such wing there.

Another possible new addition is the Coffee Shop, normally run by the pigeon Brewster. Like the Art Gallery, the Coffee Shop is absent in New Horizons, but villagers sometimes reference Brewster in their dialogue, suggesting itsreturn in the future.

If both of these clips turn out to be true, then it seems that New Horizons will, at some point, get some significant upgrades to the museum — which currently only allows players to donate fish, bugs, and fossils. However, it’s just as likely that villagers are just making idle chatter, and these references are meant to be Easter eggs for players who have enjoyed prior titles.

All of this has led many to think that either a major update is coming or perhaps a paid-for expansion pack, such as most modern Nintendo games have received on the Switch.As was noticed before launch, New Horizons is listed as containing ‘in-game purchases’ and yet there’s none in the game as it is at the moment.Exactly how this is going to work isn’t clear, but Nintendo are clearly building up to something and it’s possible more might be revealed with the next in-game event on Earth Day, 22 April. Moreover, provides Cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Money for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.