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ArcheAge Garden Of The Gods Expansions And New Fresh Start Servers Go Live

A few days ago, Gamigo announced their plans to open new Fresh Start servers for ArcheAge Unchained when the Garden of the Gods expansion comes out today. Players will only be allowed to create one character in the new server and will only be able to participate in instanced activities with other players in their server. In addition, land claims will be locked until the population has had the chance to settle down. The same holds true for the ArchePass system, which the developers say will be disabled until Season 4 of the Fresh Start servers.

Nestled in the Navel of the World, the Garden of the Gods is a new zone offering a wealth of content for players to tackle. After taking a walk down what was seemingly and endless stair, I was met by an interesting gravesite. ArcheAge’s CM Cosmo mentioned that this grave was significant as it was one of the original members of The Expedition that first came down here to the Garden that is buried there – Naima. The Garden of the Gods is steeped in years of storytelling, with PM Lars Maassen telling me that this DLC is the continuation of six years of story threads.

The doors in the gateroom were adorned with the different seasons, each one representing a different area of the Garden itself. One brought me to a snowy landscape, while another takes you to a autumnal setting. There are more seasons and environments, such as the subarctic and tropical – even a desert area called the Delphinad Mirage where the world boss Anthalon has his domain. These areas are all part of the same zone, and the Gates offer a fast way to travel between the different regions of the Garden of the Gods itself. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap ArcheAge SEA Accounts, you can visit our website

Gamigo also says that the 200 Diligence Coins and 20 Bound Labor Rechargers from the Fresh Start Marketplace will be limited to one purchase per account. The items will be available in the Marketplace shortly after the new servers go online.

In any case, the update is live today, and patch notes are up for those so inclined. As we’ve previously covered, Garden of the Gods includes a new zone, new questing content, new raids, and much more.