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Basketball Stars,Miniclip game released by basketball

Basketball Stars Gold Miniclip are the authors who over the years have achieved some fame on the App Store. Many games have achieved success and among these there are many in the sports field. Staying true to the subject "Basketball Stars" is available on the App Store considered by the authors themselves as the best multiplayer game for mobile devices.

Basketball Stars is a multiplayer basketball game for smartphones from Miniclip.Dribble throw check baskets and win games against other users all in real time.

 Basketball Stars

The game Basketball Stars is absolutely simple to use and a great tutorial that accompanies you from the beginning of all corners of the environment. To control the game you will use gestures and follow the scale on the left side of the screen which signals the strength and accuracy of the throw. You can also use mini-games where you will use your observation and gain experience for throwing the basket.

Two game modes are available: attack-defense or a basket race. Basketball Stars is a multiplayer game and you will be competing against other real players. With every match you win you get cash to upgrade your equipment and go from beginner to older level.

The spirit of basketball is truly respected. You have to be precise in the shots but also know how to anticipate what your opponent will do. The attack-defense mode is really a lot of fun and you get angry when you lose a match.

Basketball Stars is a fairly frenetic game in which you will have to face starting 1 VS 1 show your skills perform feints and silence your opponents with amazing shots. In defense you will not have to give up! Steal the ball from your opponent block their shots stop them from making a basket! All this done in real time. The graphics are presented very well with attention to the smallest details and in 3D. The 1 VS 1 competitions will allow you to practice your knowledge your reflexes skills attack defense or you can try your hand at the challenges of free throws. Wins will allow you to level up Basketball Stars Money earn respect from challengers. Two game modes await you 350 unique items to customize your player over 40 basketballs to unlock and more.

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