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Behind the World of Warcraft DDOS has been arrested.

Earlier this month, World of Warcraft Classic was struck by a DDOS attack that hampered the game’s playability. Now, we’ve received reports that a perpetrator behind the World of Warcraft DDOS has been arrested.

When the DDOS attacks began on September 8, a Twitter user going by UKDrillas live-tweeted his alleged activities, as he targeted specific Twitch streamers. It would be several hours before Twitter acted to take down the account of the alleged DDOSer. There is no word yet on whether or not UKDrillas was actually behind the attacks or otherwise involved.

However, Blizzard may have found their man. In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, community manager Kaivax posted an announcement about the World of Warcraft DDOS. After reassuring players that it’s their “top priority to resolve any issues that prevent players from having a smooth gameplay experience,” they stated:

    Immediately after the Distributed Denial of Service attacks against our game service began, the Blizzard Security Team worked around the clock with local and international law enforcement agencies to track down the source of the DDoS. It is our understanding that, within a few days, authorities were able to successfully identify and arrest a suspect.

Depending on where the suspect resides, they could receive hefty penalties in addition to prison time, like that of Austin Thompson, aka DerpTrolling, who received 27 months in prison as well as a $95,000 fine. The maximum penalty for just conspiring to launch cyber attacks is 10 years in prison. In the U.S., cyber attacks are treated as acts of domestic terrorism, which warrant a sentence of 20 years in prison.

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