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Blizzard made plans to punish the players who were taking advantage of the wow classic bug

It looks like some World of Warcraft Classic players might not have been playing fair. Developer Blizzard has said that it’s identified a bug in the game that has meant people can farm final dungeon bosses over and over, without having to re-do the mobs leading up to them in the instance. The studio has created a fix for the problem, but it’s said it’ll also be looking for those who exploited it intentionally and will be handing out some “appropriate” punishments.

Blizzard has clarified its policy, as well as explain why the punishment meted out might be different depending on what caused the offense. The way the team looks at the situation comes down to the intent of the player it seems, which sounds pretty reasonable.

    The key factor here is intent. Did the player do something with the specific intention of causing a glitch to occur, and did they do it order to exploit said glitch for their own benefit?

wow classic

    This recent glitch makes a pretty clean example. The players who were abusing it had to do some Very Weird Stuff to cause it to occur, and then did so repeatedly. No reasonable person would expect that this behavior was intended, and the players involved had to go out of their way to cause it. It’s obviously unintended, it’s obviously a glitch, and the people who abused it were obviously exploiting said glitch for their own benefit. That’s pretty open and shut.

What these “punitive measures” might be if any players are found to have taken advantage of the bug isn’t clear, but it’ll likely be welcome news to the rest of the WoW Classic community as there’s a lot of loot to be gained using this method, which could lead to an unfairly imbalanced game.

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