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Blizzard plans to release several additional character classes for the mobile game in the time after the launch of Diablo Immortal

Blizzard emphasized again that Diablo Immortal is planned as an MMO. That means that the meeting with other players and the interaction with them is in the foreground. You will meet dozens of other players in the zones. It is possible to form groups for dungeon runs or to take part in public events together with strangers. How big these will be and whether they will be included in Diablo Immortal by the time it is released is not yet clear.

Accordingly, Blizzard plans to release several additional character classes for the mobile game in the time after the launch of Diablo Immortal. It should be both classes that you already know from other Diablo offshoots, as well as completely new characters. However, Chang was unable to elicit any further details in this regard. He also confirmed that the engine supports more than four players at the same time in an instantiated region (for example a dungeon).

Blizzard says several thousand players in Australia alone can play the game. This allows the developer to test whether the server stability is good enough. It is a 'technical alpha' of the game, which can be played for a few weeks. Users must have an Android phone with at least a Snapdragon 710-soc, or an iPhone higher than an iPhone 8 running iOS 12 or higher.

The game is at a fairly advanced stage where Blizzard is entering the technical alpha. The players who will have access to the game are mainly located in Australia. They will not have access to the full game, but enough for the testing phase.

Four classes will be available during this phase. No surprise there, there are four classes of Diablo III: Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Wizard and Monk. The game's systems release says the Crusader and Necromancer will arrive in a future update.

A mobile game with short game sessions
Who is the game aimed at? Diablo Immortal wants to offer a real Diablo gaming experience, but it is tailored to the mobile gaming experience. Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng explains that the in-game activities are designed so that you can complete them in short game sessions of one to five minutes.

This enables casual gamers to simply pick up their smartphone for a few minutes and do a quest. If you want to play longer, you simply complete several missions at a time.

Wyatt Chang also stated that Blizzard Entertainment is currently continuing to explore ways to lower Diablo Immortal's system requirements. As many players as possible should have the opportunity to plunge into the mobile adventure. The game's servers are based on a structure similar to that of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft. There should be several "realms", the number of which Blizzard can increase relatively quickly as needed.

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