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Burning Crusade Classic - Beta,Cap at level 68 and bug fixes

The Burning Crusade Classic closed beta officially started on March 23, 2021. Until today it was only possible to level up to level 64. This limit has now been increased to level 68. In addition, Blizzard has brought a few bug fixes into the game. Among other things, a bug has been fixed, due to which the limit for area effect damage did not work correctly.

Nevertheless, the true related bit is the extent cap enhance, because it indicators that we could possibly be seeing The Burning Crusade Classic inch ever closer to a full launch on WoW’s basic servers. For these gamers who do not need to transition to TBCC simply but, when the growth launches there might be separate Basic servers to assist retain that pre-Campaign really feel.

WoW: TBC Classic Beta - Hotfixes from March 30, 2021 - Patch Notes


Today's update to the beta realms introduces a new level cap and bug fixes:

    The level cap has been increased to 68 (was 64).

Art and Visuals

    Fixed a variety of issues to lighting and fog effects.
    Outlands zones are currently missing some ground foliage and detail objects.
    Fixed an issue where male Trolls had an invalid skin color option.
    Fixed an issue with Crust Burster's spell visuals.
    Fixed an issue with FelReaver's movement animation.


    Fixed an issue where area-of-effect damage caps were not functioning properly.
    Teleport: Moonglade is no longer missing from the level 58 Druid character templates.
    The Hunter ability The Beast Within now functions properly.
    The Paladin ability Seal of Blood now properly performs its primary damage effect.
    The Paladin ability Pure of Heart now properly increases resistance to curses and diseases.
    The Priest ability Pain Suppression now properly increases resistance to Dispel mechanics.
    Shaman totem buffs are now displayed in the buff list.
    The Warrior talent Second Wind now triggers on Immobilize effects.


    Jewelcrafting - Cut gems now list their stat bonuses.
    Tailoring - Spellcloth now correctly requires the player to be in Netherstorm to craft.
    The tooltip for Filtered Draenic Water now displays the correct level 60 requirement to consume.
    Fixed an issue where thrown weapons were not losing durability when used.
    Fixed an issue where the cost of a few items sold by Haris Pilton were incorrect.


    The Preparation buff is now removed at the start of a Warsong Gulch match.


    Fixed an issue where players would be transported out immediately after accepting "Journey to Honor Hold."
    Fixed an issue where Eye of the Citadel would spawn under the world during "Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow."

User interface

    Guild charter signature requests are now delivered to the targeted player.
    Fixed an issue where the bank UI is misaligned and there is an extra, unused column of bank slots present.
    Fixed an issue where items that have a class restriction will also incorrectly show a race restriction in the tooltip.
    Fixed an issue where the point-of-interest indicator flag would not appear on the World Map after asking a city guard for directions.
    Fixed an issue where quest objective updates and exploration messages were being displayed in red text.


    Some keys are being removed from the Key Ring and placed into available bag slots upon relogging.

In addition, the bonus of attributes is now displayed on cut gemstones, you now have to be in Netherstorm in order to produce magic material and an issue has been fixed, which caused some items from Haris Pilton to be sold at the wrong price.

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