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COD: How to unlock the Streetsweeper Shotgun In Call Of Duty, Streetsweeper Shotgun Guide

Starting from Season 1, Warzone’s arsenal has become more abundant for all Black Ops Cold War weapons. Both the Black Ops Cold War and the War Zone received two new season 1 weapons: Mac 10 SMG and Groza assault rifle. In addition to these two new weapons, the Streetsweeper shot was announced, but the weapon is planned to be released later in Season 1 as part of the mid-season update. Best of all, this is not a difficult thing to do. There is no need to take advantage of some kind of failure, you just need to complete the challenge.


How To Unlock Streetsweeper Shotgun In Call Of Duty
How To Unlock The Streetsweeper in Warzone
Challenge-In 15 different games, use the Black Ops Cold War Shot to get 3 kills in a row.
To easily deal with this challenge, you need to join the Plunder game, use Black Ops Cold War Shotgun to kill 3 people in one life, and then exit the game. You will not be able to track your progress, but please rest assured that your progress has been tracked. After completion, the bullet gun will be unlocked and can be used in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. You can upgrade weapons before other members of the community unlock them! Enjoy your "early experience".
How To Unlock The Streetsweeper in Black Ops Cold War
Challenge-In 15 different games, use the "Black Ops" Cold War Shot to get 3 kills in a row.
After completing the challenge, the weapon will be unlocked and available in your inventory for use in the game. Players can also get the new Shotgun bundled package in the Warzone and Cold War store menus in the game store.
How to unlock free Streetsweeper in COD MW/COD Black OPs
If you want to take the free route, you must complete some in-game challenges before you can unlock the bullet gun for use in both games, because unlike Mac-10 and Groza, it cannot be obtained through a battle pass.
Although it is difficult to complete its own challenges in Warzone, it is easy to do in the Black Ops Cold War, although it is worth noting that both can be completed.
  1. Open Black Ops Cold War multiplayer or Warzone
  2. Start the game and use the Black Ops shotgun (Gallo SA12 or Hauer 77) to get triple kills
  3. Finish the game or leave the game
  4. Repeat this process 15 times
  5. The weapon should be selectable in the class you created
If you don't want to spend time unlocking weapons for free and there are only some COD points around, you can buy variants of weapons from the store and unlock them immediately.
In the game, Tactical Mask will provide you with greater resistance to vertigo and flash. This is the perfect choice because you will use many of its features. The quartermaster will mean you will recharge over time, which is perfect because you will throw a lot of things. When you use the shotgun to run around, Ghost will help you stay invisible on the map.

Finally, for wildcards, choose Dangerous Off. It will give you two stuns or flashes, which is very useful when breaking through a room or dragging a capture point with a shotgun, because anything you land on will effectively soften the enemy in order to quickly kill the enemy.
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