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Counter Strike Global Offensive Made a Triumphant

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Shroud made a not-so triumphant return to the game yesterday. The streamer, who retired from the game in 2018 after having played his whole career for Cloud9, played his first matchmade game in weeks, only to achieve what he says is the lowest competitive rank of his life. Shroud the streamer is best known for playing battle royale games like PUBG and Apex Legends. Last night, however, he played a few games of CS:GO despite winning, he only made it to the FPS titles sixth-highest rank, Master Guardian Elite.
Former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and now streamer Michael shroud Grzesiek briefly returned to CS:GO last night only to be disappointed at the rank he ultimately earned. He played a competitive match after weeks away from the game and won it, but only reached the sixth highest rank in the game, Master Guardian Elite. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use CSGO Boost, you can get hold of us at our own web-page.
The CS:GO community is accusing BLAST Pro Series of ruining the tournament circuit after rumors surfaced that Team Liquid would skip ESL One Cologne for a BLAST event. BLAST is owned by RFRSH Entertainment, the same company that runs Astralis, the best CS:GO team in the world at the moment. Astralis already skipped IEM Sydney in May 2019 and will not play at DreamHack Masters Dallas in June 2019 either. Now, with Team Liquid rumored to skip one of the circuits premier events, fans aren't happy.

While they've won tournaments before, none have had as robust a format or the level of competition as IEM Sydney. Liquid had to battle through a dangerous Ninjas in Pyjamas and MIBR before facing Fnatic in the grand finals Sunday. Liquid uncharacteristically fought tooth and nail over a full five-map series, not yielding against an in-form dark horse. More exciting to me is the new perk system. Those shoes aren't an item you find in game, they're one of four perks you can choose to spawn in with at the start. There's also a close range instakill gun, a reusable parachute, and a syringe that gives you a combined health and speed boost. At the moment its a bit broken because you always pick the jumpy boots. I haven't tried the other three starting perk options and they may well be tactically superior choices, but they're not, yunno, jumpy boots. They let you go twice as high and make a pshhh noise.
CS:GO's Danger Zone battle royale looked so dreadfully dull compared to the more flavoursome Fortnite and, later, the slick Apex Legends, that I never really gave it a shot. The new Sirocco update makes me wonder if I've been too harsh on what I thought was an also-ran battle royale contender, however, because it actually sounds like it might be quite good.