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Escape from Tarkov update version is a very small update

There’s a new Escape from Tarkov update available to fans of the hit multiplayer game. Escape from Tarkov update version is a very small update aimed at improving overall stability. Keep reading to learn more about the latest Escape from Tarkov update and learn what you can from the update version patch notes.

Details and patch notes for the Escape from Tarkov update version are very slim. So slim, in fact, that the news page on the official Tarkov website gives exactly zero details. What we know about this update comes straight from the developers at Battlestate Games.

According to the official Battlestate Games Twitter account, the update is a “technical update of the client” aimed at improving overall stability. This appears to be a mandatory update, meaning users will have to download and install it before they can jump back into matches. As usual, installation of this update can be started through the Battlestate Games launcher. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Escape from Tarkov Roubles For Sale.

Sadly, the Escape from Tarkov website gives no further details about this update — there are no patch notes to be found, at least not yet. Instead, the page for update merely discusses past updates and hotfixes.

Most fans probably won’t be surprised to find a lack of Escape from Tarkov patch notes to go over with update version Battlestate Games doesn’t always offer details about what gets changed with each hotfix. In fact, according to the website’s news page, the last full patch notes were released shortly after Christmas of 2019. Thankfully, the latest update does at least show that the development team is still cracking away at optimizing the game.