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FIFA mobile, 5 types of player to invest in ahead

The sheer amount of things to do on fifa mobile makes it a great period for traders, so without further ado here are five types of player you should invest in ahead of FUTs most wonderful time of the year.

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86 to 88 rated Gold Players
You may need some decent coinage to do so, but you certainly can’t go wrong with investing in high-rated gold players. Some 86 to 88 rated players such as Franck Ribery, Thiago Alcantara, Mesut Ozil and Samir Handanovic currently go for around 18-45k.

When an SBC that requires a high-rated squad is released, 86 to 88 rated players will go up on the market for the duration of the SBC and may stay that way for a day or two after the challenge has ended as players anticipate an SBC with similar requirements.

Path to Glory Players
There’s a chance PTG players won’t be needed for FUTMas SBCs but they’re worth picking up just in case.

Following the release of Team of the Group Stage players, PTG players that failed to make it into the TOTGS line-up have fallen in price, some more than others thanks to panic selling, so now would be a great time to pick a few up.

83 and 84 rated Gold Players
Stacking up on 83/84 rated gold players ahead of any major FIFA event is a great investment method as most SBCs that are actually within the average FUT player’s budget tend to require 83/84 rated squads.

Don’t just snap up every 83/84 rated player you see on the market, though – spread your coins across the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and the Ligue 1 in a bid to meet the high chemistry requirements that are synonymous with FUTMas SBCs.

84 and 85 rated In Forms
Last year’s FUTMas SBCs were mainly centred on player kit numbers, for instance: Saint-Etienne’s Stephane Ruffier, Lazio’s Marco Parolo and Roma’s Daniele De Rossi were all listed as SBC rewards on the 16th of Dec in last year’s event due to their kit numbers being 16.

This year’s daily Squad Building Challenges will probably be based on a different concept, but the daily rewards are still likely to be special SBC players.

IFs were a common requirement for FUTMas SBCs last year, and because the SBCs had a 24 hour expiry date, tons of FUT players around the world were in a hurry to complete them. This, in turn, resulted in an increase in the prices of 84 and 85 rated in forms, specifically the ones with good chemistry links.

Ultimate Scream Cards
Ultimate scream cards made their FIFA 18 debut during EAs Halloween promotion. Given they’re special cards, and are out of packs, there’s a great chance that some SBCs will require them. Also, judging by the fact that Movember players were needed for a few player SBCs last year and are non-existent in FIFA 18, Scream Cards could replace them.

Ideally, you should be looking to snap up 83+ rated scream cards, but even the lower rated ones could be quite useful during FUTMas, hence, consider picking up a few Christian Pulisics, Charly Musondas and Kevin-Prince Boatengs.

It’s a low-risk investment, because if they’re not actually needed during FUTMas, you can hold on to them ahead of subsequent special events or just sell them for around the same price you bought them.