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Focus Home Entertainment and GIANTS Software revealed a new expansion for Farming Simulator 19

Focus Home Entertainment and GIANTS Software revealed a new expansion of the way this Fall for Farming Simulator 19. A lot of the previous expansions for the game have had more of a focus on vehicles. Mainly because those gamers who are into farming and know the kind of heart you can get from different companies are obsessed with that kind of thing. Everyone wants to mess with the latest designs to something familiar. This time around you're not getting any vehicles, you're getting an entire setting. The next update will be the Alpine Farming Expansion, which will launch into the game on November 12th, 2020, bringing you an entirely different farming experience built around a community.

This new expansion will feature the brand new map of Erlengrat, which is inspired by the Alpine regions of Switzerland, Austria and Southern Germany. It’s nestled in green-laden mountains, and offers “the perfect and idyllic playground for grass harvesting and livestock farming.” Players will also be able to explore the city center that has high-end shops (with see-through) windows. Erlengrat is also lively with animated passenger trains, hillside cart lifts and NPCs roaming the streets.

On 12th November, the multi-million selling farming experience, Farming Simulator 19, will get even bigger with the launch of the huge Alpine Farming Expansion on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. The Alpine Farming Expansion provides a brand new alpine environment, in which you’ll be able to drive and use over 30 authentic vehicles and farming machinery. It’ll feature plenty of leading brands including Aebi, Lindner, Pöttinger, Rigitrac, SIP and more. By the way, you can buy cheap Farming Simulator 19 from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

There’s also a Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition already available, which includes the base game and all of the downloadable content – 10 pieces of DLC in total – allowing the uninitiated to involve themselves in the experience. The retail version of the Premium Edition contains a premium 72-page artbook welcoming new users to the melancholic farming world.

The Alpine Farming expansion for Farming Simulator 19  already has a release date—November 12, 2020. That’s still quite a few months from now, but it gives you time to save up and prepare for when it drops. Pre-orders have already opened for those interested; Giants is asking for $19.99 for all the new content. With FS19 being on sale relatively frequently, you should be able to snag both the sim and this new DLC altogether for a reasonable price.