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Genshin Impact,the new character will come

Genshin Impact Accounts Game company miHoYo recently revealed a new trailer for upcoming new character Xinyan for popular online video game Genshin Impact.

This new video therefore shows us the abilities of Xinyan who will be a wielding great sword and who will possess the element Pyro. She will be able to ignite the surroundings with her special attack which will summon columns of fire. Remember that unlike Zhongli Xinyan will be a 4-star character which means that you will have a better chance of obtaining it.

Armed with his guitar a long sword and his fire skills the character claims to be the only rocker in the Liyue region and joins the protagonist to make his "world tour".

Genshin Impact

In the game Xinyan is a four-star Pyro character. In addition to it update 1.1 also features Zhongli and Childe five-star characters and Diona four-star.

While a lot of attention is on Zhongli to finally arrive in the game Xinyan will likely release at the same time. This would be similar to how miHoYo released the 5-star Tartaglia as a banner character at the same time as the 4-star Diona. Zhongli will be Genshin Impact's new banner character while Xinyan will still be a nice new additional character for players to try to pull through the game's Wish system. This means Xinyan will most likely arrive on December 2nd since miHoYo updates the game between Tuesday and Wednesday depending on time zones.

The 4-star character Xinyan is not the only newcomer to feature in the banner. Cheap Genshin Impact AccountsZhongli (Geo) will also be available for the first time. You also have the chance to win Razor (electro 4 stars) and Chongyun (Kryo 4 stars). The “Leaved Nobility” banner will be available until December 22nd. Then you have the chance to receive Xinyan via the standard prayer “Wanderlust”. Zhongli will not switch to standard prayer.

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