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Genshin Impact can now be downloaded for free

Cheap Genshin Impact Account Genshin Impact is available now on PC PlayStation 4 iOS and Android. The new game from the Chinese developer miHoYo is an action adventure set in an open world with a medieval theme and anime aesthetic. The title can be downloaded for free although as a Free-to-Play game it also bases a large part of its experience on optional micro-payments that allow it to obtain random rewards.

In Genshin Impact the player embarks on a journey as "The Traveler" which aims to find his lost brother in the mysterious land of Teyvat. Throughout history the player can explore the map and perform several side missions that generate plots and reveal secrets in the fantasy world.

If you’re looking forward to exploring its visually pleasing world while playing as various cute anime characters here you’ll discover the release time for Genshin Impact and how to preload it on PS4 PC and mobile.

But it begs the question what platform should you be playing the game on? With a powerful mobile device visuals shouldn't compromise your experience much but what about the gameplay the multiplayer and other features? Well for all of that and more Sell Genshin Impact Account you're going to need to check this breakdown…

According to miHoYo the launch of the game is just the beginning. Just as Rockstar does in GTA V more content will be added in the coming months such as cities stories characters and seasonal events.

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