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Here is some Cheats, Tips and Tricks of Digimon ReArise

There might have been clickers or freemium ad machines before, but Digimon ReArise is the first real digital monster game on mobile. Developed By Bandai, tamers can take control of their own virtual pets as evil wire-frame Spirals attempt to overtake our own world. Somewhere crossed between Hacker's Memory and Dragilia Lost, Re:Arise is a full experience designed for true Digimon fans. There's even the brand-new hedgehog Herissmon and a full line of digivolutions to collect.

Digimon ReArise Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Main Story
In the main story, you will be required to search for the source of the corrupted Spiral entities, while you’ll be Herissmon’s partner.

You will be able to unlock certain options and modes after you complete specific stages.

Playing through the main story quickly will allow you to unlock training modes and special stages, while you will also be able to achieve a lot of bits and DigiRubies.

Consider playing through the Main Story as soon as you can.

Leveling Up Your Digimon
Earlier we talked about raising the level of your main and sub-skills, but now it’s time to talk about raising the level of your Digimon entirely. The most common and easy way of doing so is through the use of Bits (the in-game currency). The following will elucidate the most expeditious way of gathering Bits.

You gain Bits by completing missions and going on adventures, but a surefire way of getting an influx of Bits is to go to the Timed Whirlpool (a once a week quest) and head to the special ‘Bit Area’. This is an area where players can easily collect a large amount of Bit depending on which difficulty they choose to tackle this task on. The higher the difficulty, the more Bits you will be rewarded.

You also gain a considerable amount of Bits by completing Daily Missions and attending Digiclans; it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of these daily occurrences to get the Bit count as high as possible.

There are just a couple of things about your Digimon that you would want to focus on, Friendship Level and Mood.
  •     Friendship can be increased by feeding your Digimon. This factor plays a crucial part in Digivolving them. You need 20 friendship level to digivolve into a champion /ultimate and 60 ultimate/mega. At level 99 you would be able to unlock the 6th slot for Digimon’s equipment/plugin.
  •     Mood can also be increased/improved by feeding. Although, fair warning, it decreases gradually over time. A Digimon battling with a good mood earns higher rewards as well as more crit/block/counters. Subtle, yet still there.

Digimon Stats
  •     HP
  •     PWR/TEC
  •     DEF
  •     SPEED (attack speeds in manual mode)

In addition to these there are some “Hidden Stats” that include:
  •     Critical hit – multiplies damage dealt by 1.5x
  •     Block – reduces damage by 50%
  •     Extra attack – launch 2 consecutive auto-attack
  •     Counterattack – counter with an auto-attack
  •     Lock-on – your Digimon will lock on to a target with low health and focus fire on it.

Team Building
Team composition varies for PvE and PvP since in PvE you just want to deal as much damage as you can while in PvP, you need to have some strategy to beat your opponent.

As for PvP, for now just focus on Multi-target attacks and spreading status effects. There are not many Digimons in the game yet so not much strategy can be formed anyway.

As a final note, you can also go through the tutorials that pack in a ton of information. We could have missed some details and that is where the tutorials act as supplements, contributing to your game knowledge.

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