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Here is Top War Battle Game basic tips and tricks guide

Top War: Battle Game is an online multiplayer of a merge to upgrade game style from Top War Studio. It is a military theme-based Strategy game that offers a variety of battle modes, robots, ships, tanks, and much more. Players have to keep upgrading their armies and make their alliance stronger to rule others. This game also offers a large map where players from all over the world compete with each other to save their kingdom. Before jumping straight into the game, do check out this Top War: Battle Game basic tips and tricks guide and become a powerful commander of your alliance.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Top War: Battle Game:

1. Clear As Many Occupied Spaces as You Can to Acquire More Land and the Troops That Are Available for More Merges
• You’ll have to rely on your troops and heroes to claim the occupied spaces that are in the hands of enemy units. It’s always worth tapping on spaces you haven’t taken over yet to see what kind of threat you’re about to face. Staying ahead of the curve means you’ll need to stay on top of merging your troops and regularly strengthing the heroes you’ve already recruited.

• Marching out with your troops on the world map to take down some Dark Forces is always a viable way of getting your hands on the items needed to reach new troop merging levels. Also, keep in mind that clearing spaces around the island give you even more troops to attain and merge. Whenever you run into a strong set of enemy troops on a space you just cleared, revert back to upgrading your Barracks and leveling up your heroes before you hop into battle with them. Check out the Hero Tips section from time to time to get a good idea of the hero formations you’ll want to use for your Army, Navy, and Air Force troop setups.

2. Keep Building and Merging
Take the opportunity to build and merge whenever you can. When you start the game you'll need to level up your barracks and gold mines, and you do this by building loads and merging them. You'll also need certain materials to help with the upgrade process when you reach new milestones, so keep an eye on your tech research chests, and look our for opportunities to get more upgrade materials on the map such as battling the Dark Legion on the map or attacking Warhammer.

3. Complete Reward Quests
As well as Campaign Task objectives which serve as milestones in Top War: Battle Game there are also Reward Quests which are basically daily missions which will enable you to earn rewards based on how well you performed. Try to accomplish Reward Quests as often as possible as these activities will determine how soon you can earn a military rank promotion which will enable you to receive better rewards. Rewards Quests also allow you to earn Legion points which can be exchanged at the Legion Shop for a wide variety of resources.

4. Engage in battle with enemy alliances
Once you’ve finished upgrading buildings, troops, and other units. Now, it’s time to dominate the world. Head towards the World Map, battle, and gather resources from there. Try rushing on other players’ bases to steal some of the precious resources from them. It’s worth mentioning here that bases that are protected by shield can’t be disturbed. Unfortunately, your shield will disappear if you attack others’ alliances. In other words, anyone can attack your base if you are out of shield.

5. Fulfill These Duties During Every Daily Playthrough
• Once you check-in for a new playthrough, there’s a bunch of mandatory tasks you should complete before you decide to log off for the day. Participate in the Sandtable Excercise and use up all five of your battle chances so you can get your hands on some worthwhile items. Use all five of your free Standard Recruit chances so you can get your hands on new heroes or the hero shards needed to promote the ones you already have. And be sure to claim your Alliance’s common and rare gifts.

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