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Here is what you need to know about how to strip the ball in Madden 21

Madden NFL 21 is out now and brings a ton of new elements to the mix. However, there are some that remain the same yet often we forget how to do the most basic things.

Madden 21 has arrived and yes, it’s indeed more football. This time, you can take it t “The Yard” and play America’s most popular sport out in a setting reminiscent of backyard football. Whether you’re playing on an NFL field, or in The Yard, popping the ball out of a ball carrier’s hand is a pretty important thing. Here is what you need to know about how to strip the ball in Madden 21.

Players can strip the ball in Madden 21 by pressing the RB/R1 button when they’re close to the player running with the ball. Not every attempt to strip the ball is successful, though. Timing is important.

Offensive players are more likely to drop the ball when they’re already dealing with other defenders. But an offensive player being held or tackled by a defender is vulnerable and other defenders can easily strip the ball.

The better the defensive player, the more likely they will be to successfully strip the football. Having the Strip Specialist X-factor in Madden NFL 21 can also help. A player like Peanut Tillman from the Chicago Bears, now retired, was amazing at ripping the ball away at the perfect time. T.J Watt led the league in forced fumbles last year as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Offensive players will also try to juke away from defenders in Madden NFL 21, and can even be more vulnerable to big hits when attempting finesse type moves. Using the hit stick, by pressing forward or down on the right stick on the Xbox or PlayStation controller, can also cause fumbles. Devastating blows can help jar the ball loose.

So definitely be careful when choosing to strip the ball in Madden 21 and try to save it for opportunities where a stripped ball can really change the course of the game into a positive direction for you.

In some cases, it’s safer to tackle a player than attempting a poorly-timed strip. Knowing when to strip the ball can help you perform better in Madden 21, especially against opponents who know how to stiff arm or hurdle. Understanding how to strip the ball will also help you on offense since you’ll see when you’re most vulnerable to defenders.

When playing on the offensive side and running with a QB, sliding in Madden NFL 21 can save players from an embarrassing and demoralizing fumble. Additionally, in The Yard, an interception will give a bonus point. No such bonus point exists for fumble recoveries, but because the ball can be lateralled and double passes so often, a strip or forced fumble can still occur with regularity.

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