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Hi-Rez Studios had released its battle pass for Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios had released its battle pass for Rogue Company, a shooter released on the PC and later for the other platforms of Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, in addition to the Xbox Series X | S, for free.

In the program of this update, described as the most important in the history of Rogue Company, we find a new Mercenary, named Kestrel, arrives in reinforcement. Its main weapons are new since it is the Riptide (assault rifle), or the Knight (submachine gun). A new mode is also arriving with this update, the Sabotage mode.

A long time ago, Kestrel was involved in the Rogue Company affair, but that was before she retired to private life to become an ambitious fashion director seeking fame and fortune. But you know, the past never lets us go. Now Kestrel is back in action and exhibits the Halo drones as her special ability. These small flying drones activate an explosive self-destruct command when close to enemies. It is possible to get in the game to try Kestrel and train with her right away.

Kestrel has two new automatic weapons. With her skill active, she unleashes self-guided drones that fire missiles. With her liabilities, she uses her reputation for excellence to earn an additional bonus for each target neutralization.

It is also the first to have the Supply resource. If Kestrel chooses to equip herself with it, the enemies she brings down drop a Supply Kit that recharges all purchased gadgets ... and which should quickly prove to be as much-needed as it is formidable.

In addition to a new Rogue, the developers introduce the game's first Battle Pass, containing new sprays, avatars, weapon skins and four new Rogue costumes. By purchasing the Battle Pass, you will get the Hellfire Protocol Scorch costume as a unique Season One cosmetic item. In addition to that, you will also receive the Stunt Double Dallas, One Shot One Kill Fixer, and Tough Guy Trench costumes.

Three new packages of great value can be purchased within the game:

    Mercenaries Edition - for $ 24.99 it releases mercenaries released last year, plus 500 mercenary money.
    Year 1 Pass - Also for $ 24.99, it will release all 8 mercenaries that will be released in the game in 2021, plus 500 mercenary money.
    Supreme Edition - For $ 49.99, it brings both editions and adds another $ 500 of mercenary money: 1500 in total.

Retired mercenary returns to activities
Kestrel is one of the founders of the Rogue Company who was retired but is now back to fight Jackal at the behest of the elite organization.

The character will have in his arsenal two automatic weapons and drones that fire rockets as an active skill. The passive ability allows you to increase money for each enemy killed. In addition, the character has a new advantage, Refueling. When an enemy is eliminated, a supply kit will appear and when collecting it, all purchased devices will be re-equipped.

Developed by First Watch Games, a subsidiary of Hi-Rez Studios, Rogue Company is a free-to-play hero-based third-person shooter where you team up with four other players to compete against another team, trying to hack different devices on the map. Of course this is not the only way to win the game: you can always kill all opponents!