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How Does the Plot BOSS Play in MapleStory M And Novice Story Clearance Skills

How do you play the boss? Come and see the MapleStory M story boss clearance skills with us. We hope these guides will help everyone.
Warrior Tribe Tree Demon King
After the 24th level, the player can change the equipment of the 24th level. In fact, you don't have to buy it all. When you are leveling, you have to explode the appropriate equipment, or use the equipment that bursts, because the equipment properties that are exploded will generally be Better. Then bring some potion, so you can hit it steadily.
Toy City Alisha Le
Once you enter the map, go directly to the bottom. Here, be careful not to run around because BOSS will teleport, that is, wherever you go, it will come to you right away, so running is useless, and directly contact with BOSS. It is not going to drop blood. This is different from the mobs. BOSS puts skills in order to hit us, so the skill of this level is to stand directly, pay attention to blood.

MapleStory M Story Boss


Underwater World Pianus
Canter Pianos can release a skill, that is, a black screen. This skill is actually scaring the player. As long as you don't run back and forth, it is very convenient to lie on the slope. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Cheap MapleStory M Mesos, you possibly can email us on our own page. Don't stand behind Kanterianus, although you feel that it can't hit you, but you won't lose blood, and you will continue to lose blood. In fact, Kendall Bear BOSS is relatively simple, as long as you pay attention to some skills to avoid it can be easily cleared, of course, before you play BOSS, please also buy a good blood medicine, just in case, in general, use a few dozen bottles of blood medicine or necessary.
Ibbe is a tricky BOSS. Ibeh is going to start with equipment selection, skill selection, pet selection and potion selection. We suggest that when you play Yin Beihe, you should play from behind it so that he can’t fight. It’s up to you, unless it’s a magnifying move, that is, the skills of the three laser cannons in the above picture. Other skills will be better to hide. This is mainly to make medicine and use time to harden the past.
Kayd’s skills are slowing down, and there’s a laser. Can also float back and forth, the most abominable thing is that you can also return blood, you will not stop the blood without hitting. Players may feel that the time to enter the copy is only 30 minutes it can only take 30 minutes after entering the dungeon, it feels a bit awkward. However, after entering the copy, the players do not need to spend, this 30 minutes. Let's play for a while, we think Especially tired, it doesn't take time to re-enter the copy, so we recommend trying to have the player's time as soon as possible, and then copy the copy again.
If the players are Lv 60 or higher, the equipment that should be used by everyone is 54-58 level equipment, level 60 weapons, but in order to scrape the copy, start equipment and weapon reinforcement. When you copy a copy, the player can get a lot of drugs, so we recommend that if the player feels that he has more drugs, sell it in the store, then look at the store to buy the equipment you need, experience card and so on.