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HUT 18 Possible Game Modes Based On Survey

Hey all - just got a survey in my email from EA about various game questions. Part of the survey was potential game modes and additions for NHL 18. I recall a similar thing last year, and wanted to share what was presented. There's some interesting potential additions in there. I should make clear, it didn't say any of these will be in NHL 18 - it was just asking thoughts on which I'd want to see and which were most important, etc..

Skills Games – Challenge yourself in a variety of competitive and addictive skill games! Become a better player, faster, no matter what your skill level. Compete against yourself or friends in mini-games, perfecting skills such as passing, stickhandling, shooting, skating and more. You can even play these games during load screens while you’re loading up a game.

Superstar AI – Bring NHL players and teams to life, with Real AI, which delivers unique moves for star players and more organic, true to life skating animations. Feel the true stride of a power forward like Ovechkin, the relentless drive of Crosby and the elusiveness of a playmaker like Gaudreau.

Revamped Passing Control – Ability to pass into open space, pass to yourself off the boards and now you can select who you want to pass to by pressing the button associated with that player.
“How to Play Hockey” Video Tutorials from Hockey Canada – Learn more about hockey tactics, hockey strategy, and hockey rules. Over 15 short videos from Hockey Canada on the fundamentals of hockey tactics and team play – all easily accessed from within the game.

Franchise Mode – New Las Vegas NHL Team – Your Be a Pro and Franchise Modes are revamped with a new NHL schedule, new rivalries, and the new Las Vegas NHL team that you can interact with. Of course, updated 2016-17 rosters, salary cap rules, other real world variables will be updated as well.

Franchise Mode – League Expansion – In the 2017-2018 season, the NHL will expand to 31 teams including Las Vegas. You can now have the ability to add a 32nd NHL Franchise in Franchise Mode. Select from over 20 different North American or European cities, create and play your own expansion franchise using a full creation suite of tools including a customized arena.

Dynamic Deking – Unlock additional creativity and add more moves you can use when you’re one on one against the defense or trying to score on the goalie.

Transitional AI – Transitions to offense and defense, regroups and lane assignments, and the adjustments will create additional speed and options whether you’re attacking or defending.

NHL Competitive Gaming League: Represent one of 30 NHL franchises in a competitive gaming league where you and your team compete in a condensed virtual NHL schedule to crown the best team in the world.

HUT Connected Leagues – Create your own HUT leagues. They’re fully customizable and can be managed via a connected web experience, before jumping onto your console to play. Compete against your friends to determine once and for all who the ultimate manager is.

GM Connected – Create a connected NHL league, where you and up to 30 friends can control a single franchise as you compete online for the Stanley Cup year after year.

Dynamic Commentary – New content added through the entire season, telling up to date stories of what’s transpiring in the real NHL all year long.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade Experience - Inspired by retro arcade classics like NHL Hitz and EA SPORTS 3-on-3 NHL Arcade. Play 3 on 3 on a frozen pond of ice at high speed, deliver over the top hits, and pick up different power-ups. With classic arcade visuals, gamers can play with a mix of NHL players, mascots, and other characters from the EA universe with no offsides, icing, rules, or penalties. Play solo, with friends on the couch, or online vs or as part of a team where you level up divisions.

Saga ModeBe a Pro and Franchise Mode – Gives you the ability to take part in a living and breathing hockey world based on your preferences. Choose to play the most meaningful moments of your season, every game or somewhere in-between, all with a full narrative leading into that game.