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Jaromir Jagr and Sidney Grosby :Which Cover Athlete Will Be Favored By You

NHL game, usually released in mid-September, enjoys great popularity among North Americans. And the upcoming NHL 18 has been talked a lot by players. And many articles about NHL 18 revolves around the wishlist of NHL 18. Today we will share with you something different. We have two pictures of which present two cover athletes of PS4. And they will grace the cover of Goat Edition and Golden Goal Edition respectively. So Which one of them is more favored by you?

RT-Jaromir Jagr(G.O.A.T.Edition)
As a Czech professional ice hockey right winger, Jaromir Jagr plays for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League (NHL). In the tenth month of 2016, he became the third man in the history of NHL who scores 750 goals. Really amazing grades. This is the reason why he is chosen as the cover athlete of PS4 Goat Edition. He will get lots of his fans involved in the game. In a latest interview of him, he was ever asked how many years he will continue to play. He said he would play until he is 50. We can sense his love for NHL through the fact.
NHL 18-Jaromir Jagr

LIKE-Sidney Crosby(Golden Goal Edition)
Sidney Crosby is another excellent hockey player. Born on 7th , July, 1987, the Canadian professional ice hockey player captains the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League. In the Playoffs of 2017, he assisted his team to defeat Ottawa Senators in seven games and  secure their second consecutive trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. He really played a crucial role in his team. And maybe sometimes you cannot notice him owing to his playing strategies. However, once you get to know him, you will admire him. His match is really wonderful and worth watching.
  /NHL 18-sidney-crosby Which one is more favored by you? Are they favored by you? I guess you are willing to spend your coins on them. So Please choose one reliable website for using your coins wisely and safely.  We promise that your personal information will be well protected.  Please contact our live chat for your NHL 18 coins.