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Most of Fallout 76 Revolves Around Journeying into Unknown Places

As you explore and kill monsters you'll level up, using a simple and streamlined leveling system that allows you to adapt your character's skills as you play. V.A.T.S. Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System returns, but no longer freezes time. It acts as a temporary aimbot instead, which can still be useful, but only when it's working correctly, which feels like almost never.
This renders a major concern to nothing more than a mostly moot point. Fallout 76 handles its PvP combat in an unnatural way. Players can just shoot at anyone, slowly chipping away their health. The only way to engage in a proper deathmatch is for the other person to return fire. People were worried this would lead to all sorts of griefing. Not the case at all. This implementation is such a pain in the ass that, in my experience, no one even bothers. Coupled with the fact that everyone is so spread out, there aren't even that many opportunities. We haven't been shot at since the beta.
As previously reported, maximum stash storage has been increased by 50%, now allowing up to 600 pounds of storage. Bethesda intends to increase this cap further in the future pending this increase doesn't impact the game's stability. Other balance improvements include XP rewards for high-level enemy kills being reduced, bosses should now regularly drop 2-4 items depending on its difficulty and level and automatic weapon damage has been given a 20% boost across the board.
Thematically Fallout 76
Fallout 76 feels more akin to No Man's Sky, a game that slowly added layers and layers of free updates to turn it into something players actually wanted to play. Feel free to surf to our web: FO76 CapsThe larger challenges of Fallout 76 would be massive. Weve requested an offline mode for the game which would restore VATS to its proper form and give us back a save/load system, and yet when the entire game was built for online play, that would be a massive undertaking.
A patch issued two weeks after the game came out addressed some of the issues, but there are still entirely too many glaring problems in the game and overall it's less polished than a Soviet tractor which has been left outside since the Iron Curtain collapsed a state which is frankly inexcusable given the ostensibly AAA nature of the game. Thematically Fallout 76 is missing the compass of the other titles in the series, which were usually asking or exploring big questions in some form good vs evil, past vs future, authority vs individualism, that sort of thing and instead it just exists. Also visit our homepage: 
Your starting point of Vault 76 is located roughly in the center of the map, after which you'll branch outward, exploring nearby towns and abandoned ski lodges before finally encountering the state capital. Eventually you'll find volcanic mines, extensive flatlands, and fissures in the earth, which are home to dreaded Scorchbeasts.
Fallout 76 has a nasty habit of spawning high-level enemies if a high-level player is in your vicinity. So you might be level 15 and just trucking along when you're ambushed by some level 60-something wolves or super mutants or surprisingly-nimble biped robots.