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NBA 2K18 will be releasing various cards to celebrate the many moments of Bryant

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation game published by 2K Sports for PS4/ XboxOne/PC. The player mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life or customized players and teams. Players purchase card packs by NBA 2K18 MT which will give the player random items.

If you’re a basketball fan, then you undoubtedly know that just a couple of days ago, Kobe Bryant had his jersey retirement ceremony take place. In celebration of that moment, the folks behind NBA 2K18 have decided to drop a ton of new content all centered around Kobe into the game.

Since Kobe Bryant played in the league for 20 years, there’s a lot of “versions” of him that fans like to remember. In honor of this, 2K18 will be releasing various cards to celebrate the many moments of Bryant. An Amethyst Kobe Bryant is available to celebrate the “Mamba” version of Bryant that led the Lakers to his last two championships. The Diamond Kobe Bryant is from his first 3 championships, and has better drive and dunk stats than other cards, and finally, the Pink Diamond Kobe is a replication of his iconic 81-point game. There are only 8 of these cards available, and for the first time in the game’s history, these cards will be available in packs.

All of the Kobe Bryant-themed content is available in 2K18 now, so if you’re someone who loves Kobe, make sure to jump into the game to try and snag these limited cards.

As far as the challenges go, two new moments challenges are available in the game. Moments: Kobe’s Farewell focuses on Bryant’s final game in the NBA, a game in which he scored 60-points in a win over the Utah Jazz. If players can score 60 points with any player, use 8 Lakers on their team, and win the game, they’ll get a free Ruby Kobe Bryant card for their efforts. The second challenge, Moments: 81 Point Kobe, requires players to score 81 points in a game with any version of Kobe Bryant in the game and win. Players who complete this task will receive a Very Kobe Christmas pack, which contains Lakers items, a pair of Kobe shoes (with a chance at one of 12 new Kobe shoes), and a chance at that Amethyst Kobe Bryant mentioned earlier.

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