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NHL 18 or Future NHL Series Is Not Planned to Entre on the Nintendo Switch

EA Canada is not planning on bringing their popular NHL series to Nintendo's new Switch handheld/console hybrid at this time.

With NHL 18 releasing next month on PS4 and Xbox One, EA Canada is showing off some of the game’s new features, including a training mode made through a collaboration with Hockey Canada and a brand new Threes mode that gives the whole game a more visceral feel. DualShockers was able to go hands-on with the game at a recent EA Sports event, and also had the chance to sit down and talk with Clement Kwong, a Producer of NHL 18.
While the title is currently slated to come to only PS4 and Xbox One, and has stayed only on those consoles for the last few years, we asked about the possibly of seeing NHL 18 or future NHL series entries on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Clement Kwong stated that bringing EA’s popular hockey series to the Nintendo Switch is not currently planned, or really even on the radar, for the company at this time, though he doesn’t completely rule it out:
    “While we always continue to assess opportunities, so it’s not to say that’s a hard no, it’s not on our radar at this time.”
This isn’t very surprising, as the Switch still is a very unproven market for sports games, though both EA and 2K are hoping to break some ground on Nintendo’s new console/handheld hybrid with FIFA 18 and NBA 2K18, respectively. In the same interview, Clement Kwong also confirmed that NHL 18 will indeed be enhanced by both PS4 and Xbox One X, but did not go into detail on what the specific enhancements were.
NHL 18 is currently set to release on PS4 and Xbox One September 15. Stay tuned for DualShockers’ full interview with Clement Kwong about NHL 18 and a preview of what we played at this event. If you want to see the game in action, you can check out some of our gameplay videos that were captured at this same event.
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