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Power Play Issue of NHL 17 Franchise Mode and the Desired Changes in NHL 18

The most popular questions about NHL 18 online recently must revolve around its release dates, improvements and possible features. However, they usually can’t give a specific answer to those questions. Today I want to share something specific with you about NHL 18 based on the complaints of its gameplay of power play of NHL 17 Franchise Mode. So you will form your own ideas about the upcoming hockey game.
NHL 18-Franchise Mode

Are You Troubled By the Power Play of NHL 17 Franchise Mode?
You start a Franchise Mode and even play 7 games but you will be annoyed that you have not a power play at all. You feel so strange whether there is a bug in the Franchise Mode or a special setting you never know. Actually the main reason is that you have not chosen a simulating. You are just playing games. Because power play only happens when simulating. This is the setting of the Franchise Mode of NHL 17. You must know some strategies of the power play in advance otherwise it will be meaningless although you have spent a lot of time on the game.

Desired Changes of the Power Play of NHL 18
First, there should be more introductions about the power play in NHL 18. At least you won’t doubt that you have met with a bug in the mode. Second, the penalty of the opponents should be raised since in NHL 17 the opposition doesn’t take many penalties. Sometimes it is more favorable to the opposite players. And you will feel helpless because of the settings. It is harmful for a player to enjoy the fun of Franchise Mode in the upcoming hockey game—NHL 18.
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