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Twelve Sky M that returns again to mobile

Twelve Sky Mobile Gold Many popular online games in the PC era are lining up to queue up in this modern mobile device. The latest is the queue of the game Twelve Sky another IP online game that Thai gamers are well known. Because not long ago Playwith has brought TwelveSky2 to play in Thailand now the IP of this game is not owned by ALT1 because the company has not operated any further. And has given the right to make the Twelve Sky M mobile game to a new game development studio instead.

Little else is known about the game though MMOCulture opines that the original Twelve Sky developers Alt1 are not working on the project.

In essence Twelve Sky was formerly a massively multiplayer online 3D martial arts masterpiece. In the legendary oriental world with many mysteries players have the opportunity to encounter many other players participate in vital battles in the evil Gypsy world where blood and love coexist the weak do. bait for the strong.

According to the initial information Twelve Sky M will be the post-story sequencing the events from the PC version. The plot of the game still revolves around the legend of the Gypsy that if anyone owns 12 Meteorites and attaches them together he will become the king of the Gypsy. In order to satisfy the dream of master of martial arts the three great sects of Thanh Kiem Mon Tieu Dao Phai and Thien Ma Giao have opened many wars over these 12 Meteorites. is the leading marketplace for trading Twelve Sky Mobile Gold. Buyers are guaranteed delivery and sellers are fully protected against payment fraud.