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UT Mode of FIFA 19 Pioneers Recommended and Bundesliga, Serie Easy to Players

In the UT mode of FIFA 19, it is not just the local team that can win. Some cheap practical players can still beat the opponents. So what are the useful players in the pioneering period? Today, we would like to bring you the FIFA 19 UT mode pioneers recommended by Tromso. The best league for this year's land reclamation should be the Bundesliga. There are great candidates in each position. Here are some Bundesliga players.
David Abraham David Abraham. The Argentine centre-back in Frankfurt has been in the UT mode for several years. The speed score reached 79, with an acceleration of 76 sprints 81. The defensive rating also reached 79, and the stealing of small data reached 83.
The body score also has 77, of which the bounce 77 strength 80 is slightly 79. Abraham also had a good passing ability, with short and long passes reaching 73 and 75 respectively. From the height of 188 and the combination of these key data, it is not difficult to think that this card should be the same as God in the early days of the game.

UT Mode of FIFA 19


Manuel Akanji Manuel Akanji
The Dortmund Swiss young defender has just upgraded from a silver card to a gold card. He did not expect the data to explode. The speed score reached an enviable 80, with an acceleration of 76 and a sprint of 84. The defensive rating also reached 78, and the three small data of the strong shovel and the stalker were also 80. The body is also good, power 80, bouncing 78, physical strength 76. The height of 187 and these beautiful data are simply the sum of heaven.
The ability to play is also great, with short and long passes of 77 and 75 respectively. Another highlight of this card is its score of 70. Among them, the ball control small data 75, it can be seen that this is a central defender who can hold the ball in the backcourt.
Nordi Mukiele Nordi Mujelle
Dayot Upamecano Djoy Yu Pamelcano. If you are you looking for more about Cheap FIFA 19 Coins check out our website. Leipzig Red Bull French star midfielder combination, the two super green line will ensure that the team lineup is easier to match.
Mujelle's speed score reached 81, defensive 77, body 75, which bouncing and strength reached 86 and 79, respectively, with the height of 185, backtracking is also very reliable. He has a good ability to pass the ball from the full-back. The ball has passed the ball and passed the short pass. The four small data have reached 80 and the 3 star SM and the full foot prove this.
In Pamelano, the technical attributes are worse than Mujelle, but the physical quality is much stronger. The speed of 79, in which the sprint reached a staggering 84.74 defense looks not very good, but the steals are 84. The body scores 80, the bounce 84 is strong 89 and the aggressiveness is 80. It can be said that most of the forwards in the game can't hold the impact of the beast. Hoffen of Hoffenheim and Stark of Hertha Berlin are also great choices. Although these two people have great data models, it is really anxious to bounce and balance these small data.
The double speed reached 87, passed the pass, and the defensive 73, which steals and slipped the shovel reached 78, intercepted 76. With the ball 76, most of the small data has reached 76, 3 flowers and 3 reverse. The body score reached 78, the strength of 84. 77 power chunky model allows Roussillon to bully most of the side players.