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World of Tanks Blitz Turns Two Years Old This Month

World of Tanks Blitz turns two years old this month, and to celebrate, Wargaming released a new update for the game, introducing seasonal milestones and more to players. If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to World of Tanks Blitz Gold kindly check out the web-site. World of Tanks Blitz turns two years old this month, and to celebrate, Wargaming released a new update for the tank battle game, introducing seasonal milestones and more to players. In World of Tanks Blitz, players have access to more than 200 tanks, and they will compete against other players in seven-vs-seven multiplayer tank battles.

World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile version of WoT that's also available on Windows 10, is getting into the spirit of the summer football season with a new ball-themed camouflage design. You can dress your tank up in the latest strip by playing one of several special missions. World of Tanks is one of the most popular online games with millions of players around the world, with World of Tanks Blitz having been available in the Windows Store as a universal game for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile for two years now. It sports an almost perfect 5 out of 5 rating, demonstrating that Windows users are finding it an awesome experience. has announced the 2017 Twister Cup for World of Tanks Blitz, where the top teams from four regions will go to Minsk in Belarus on November 11 to battle it out for their slice of the $30,000 USD prize pool. Last year saw the Twister Cup his New York, with C4 taking home the trophy, and here's what esports manager Daria Klimchuk said about the tournament: "With esports, we give players the opportunity to see which of them is truly the best of the best, not just to themselves or their competitors, but the whole world. 2016's Twister Cup was awesome, and we plan on making this year's event one not to be missed."
World of Tanks Blitz is a cross-platform free-to-play PvP version of the game that puts commanders against each other in 7-vs-7 tank combat with over 200 unique vehicles to master. Choose your tank, upgrade it, and battle on over a dozen maps. This week marked the arrival of World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile cousin of the PC gaming phenomenon, onto the App Store. If you never played WoT on PC, you're probably wondering why I'm so excited about a game that violates two of the most important dicta of the Codex PocketTactica: not only is WoT Blitz a touchscreen shooter, but it's a free-to-play game to boot. Surely we are preparing an effigy burning/pig roast here on Mount Hexmap?
World of Tanks Blitz hit the Windows 10 Store last week and offers gamers the opportunity to take control of a vast range of historic tanks from six countries including the U.S. Sherman, British Matilda and the German Tiger tanks. MMO Gameplay is team oriented with one primary goal to work towards, destroy the enemy team's tanks before they destroy yours. Along with the large inventory of tanks, World of Tanks Blitz includes eighteen battle arenas, tons of upgrades to improve your tanks and no limits on participation. Play as much as you want with no tokens or energy bars to limit your gaming.