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World Of Warcraft Classic beta players are mistaking features for bugs

Blizzard released a “not a bug” list for World of Warcraft Classic, after beta testers kept sending in reports for what were actually features for the MMORPG back in 2006.The original World of Warcraft was released in 2004, and World of Warcraft Classic aims to recreate the state of the MMORPG before its first expansion, The Burning Crusade, was rolled out in January 2007. Previously, players looking for a “vanilla” version of the game were only able to experience it on custom servers such as Nostalrius, which Blizzard shut down in 2016 to protect its intellectual property.

The “WOW Classic ‘Not A Bug’ List” has been posted to the game’s official forums. The list highlights several commonly-reported bugs that are working exactly as intended. Several of the items on the list seem like strange quirks, but several of the items can also be interpreted to be genuine bugs. That said, Blizzard is deciding to leave them in for posterity’s sake. If you want to buy WOW Classic Reputation Power Leveling, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Wowhead notes that Blizzard has also posted a list of known issues, or bugs that are actually bugs. Some of these include Hunter pets not automatically returning to your side when they enter passive mode, and signing into Twitter through the menu option crashes the client.

You can find the full list Blizzard has provided below:

    Tauren’s hitboxes and their melee reach is slightly larger than other races.

    Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

    Using the “Automatic Quest Tracking” option does not auto-track newly accepted quests. (It instead will start to track an existing quest once progress towards an objective is started.)

    Warrior health Regeneration is working at the expected rate.

    Quests objectives and points of interests are not tracked on the map or minimap.

    Completed quests are marked on the minimap with a dot. (and not a “?”)

    Feared players and NPCs run fast.

    Standing on top of other players while facing away allows spells and attacks to be used.

    Creature respawn rates are much slower than in Battle for Azeroth.

    NPCs which offer multiple quests may inconsistently display them as a dot or a “!” on the available quests list. They were inconsistent in 1.12, and we’ve reproduced the exact inconsistency they had back then.

    Quests that are too low level for do not show up as a “!” in the game world.

    Available quests do not display a “!” on the minimap.

    On level up, the message: “Your skill in Protection increased to 15” was added in 1.12.1, and we’re intending to keep that.

Some of these might read to you like they should be bugs. The above "not a bug" list even notes at one point that "we've reproduced the exact inconsistency [from] back then." Part of the appeal here is bringing players back to the original game they remember, quirks and all.