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Yakuza Like a Dragon, a renovation of height

Yakuza Like a Dragon Yen In 2016 the great plot of Kazuma Kiryu and Haruka Saramura came to an end (although we would have to wait until 2018). It was the end of an odyssey that had begun a little over a decade earlier and that became one of the great strongholds of today's Sega. It is curious that at first  the company did not want to bet on Toshihiro Nagoshi's project considering it to be a very niche market and calculating quite low sales even in Japan. Not surprisingly at that time in 2004 Sega had just become a third party and high debts led to that famous merger with Sammy. Precisely it would be the founder of this company who would fall in love with the project and insist that it go ahead.

 Yakuza Like a Dragon

While previous installments focused on real-time action Yakuza: Like a Dragon turns the series into an exceptional JRPG. A choice apparently surprising but which is fully justified by the possibilities offered by more tactical combat and the pleasure of developing four well-typed characters. As always in JRPGs each character will have a more or less obvious role. Koichi will use all of his cop experience while Nanba takes care of keeping the team healthy and Saeko finishing off their opponents. But to stay true to its origins some of your actions will trigger little action scenes in real time. You better have some reflexes. An excellent way to make even more dynamic fights which sometimes involve dozens of fighters simultaneously.

Instead we have mixed feelings towards the soundtrack which undoubtedly boasts its Yakuza 7 Yen Moneyown personality but proposes many classic themes thus losing the opportunity to refresh the repertoire. Nothing to say about dubbing present as said in both Japanese and English: the first is obviously superior but the second has hit us positively. In all cases we repeat the subtitles are also available in Italian.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon appears in three versions for all platforms. The standard version is the Day Ichi Edition so to speak. This is the first edition of the title which includes the "Legends" costume set with eight outfits based on famous characters such as Kazuma Kiryu and Daigo Dojima. In the case of the physical console version you also get a SteelBook.

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